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Start Your Journey To A Zero Waste Glamp Site

Posted by Gemma Long on Jun 9, 2023 3:00:00 PM

Moving to zero waste is a significant accomplishment for any environmental strategy and will demonstrate to visitors that you are taking action to reduce the impact of your Glamp Site. Additionally, it will put you in the spotlight for environmental accomplishments, which is a fantastic way to stand out from the crowd. It may seem to be an intimidating task but you may implement it gradually over time rather than undergoing a major cultural change within your company.

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7 Design Principles To Create Sustainable Accommodation

Posted by Gemma Long on Jun 3, 2023 4:00:00 PM

The National Forest Company, in collaboration with architects Arboreal and glamping experts Crown & Canopy, has proposed seven design principles to aid in the creation of model sustainable tourist accommodations. Sustainability is made up of a complex and diversified set of concerns.

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The Glamping Show 2023 - Event

Posted by Gemma Long on May 29, 2023 5:00:00 PM

Are you a lover of the great outdoors and all things camping? Then mark your calendars for The Glamping Show 2023, the ultimate event for glamping enthusiasts. Taking place from September 1st to 3rd, 2023, at the beautiful NAEC Stoneleigh in the heart of England, this three-day event promises to be a feast for the senses.

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How Landscaping Can Lead Your Glamp Site To Success...

Posted by Gemma Long on May 25, 2023 6:37:00 PM

The surroundings of your glamping site are vital in creating the perfect client experience which means that landscape design will have a huge impact on your business. Your guests are using your site as an escape to the countryside and nature - meaning landscape design presents you with an opportunity to emphasise the natural environment around them!


In an ideal world, the natural landscape and setting would be more than enough and remain untouched, on account of us attempting to move away from man-made and manicured surroundings. Unfortunately, these spots are few and far between and can be very difficult to try and get planning permission approved on them. If the area around your glamping site is a little meagre, bland or an eyesore, this is where landscape design can be invaluable.

It is crucial to give your guests as much privacy as possible, and using organic barriers and plant designs is a great way to do this. It is worth implementing these methods in any car parks as well as on the main site for the same reasons.

When applying for planning permission, the design and layout of your glamping site can be a relevant tool when negotiating the visual impact of a build, especially in the more protected nature areas.

After you have chosen a spot on your land, then you can begin to plan the framework for the layout of the site. Make sure you take into consideration the direction of the prevailing wind, especially if you are hoping to create an exposed area or using canvas structures. Hedges or trees are perfect natural wind barriers so ensure you use them to your advantage, otherwise you will need to think about creating one yourself.

If your site is on a hillside and the ground is unsuitable to set up on, then you will need think about creating a level platform to build upon. Before tasking yourself with excavation and filling holes, you must remember that the ideal look and setting is a natural one, therefore it is favoured to work with the natural lines and contours of the ground. When you start cutting in and creating the area, do not make straight lines and square corners, instead try to reflect what is already around you. If you are experimenting with ground works then drainage and water run-off are also important elements to think about! When it comes to location, think about what you can see from each different part of where the accommodation is going to be. Ideally, each accommodation unit will be spaced as far apart as possible, however, if this is not feasible, then landscaping can give the illusion of greater privacy.


For those on a small - medium sized budget:

If you are limited in terms of space, then the next best way to provide privacy is by planting woody shrubs and trees. Additionally, you could use earth barriers to help you on your landscape quest. You can add in serene touches such as wild flowers and other native plants to make things that bit more exotic!
Furthermore, you could create an alternative space opposite to your accommodation for a fire pit and outdoor cooking space. For example, what about one of our sloping walled BBQ Cabins? The original Scandinavian inspired barbecue cabin, brought to the UK over 20 years ago by  our sister company - Arctic Cabins Every single one of our barbecue cabins are manufactured by hand, using traditional methods and top grade timber in the UK. The quality of our buildings is unequalled anywhere else, we are so confident of this we offer a no quibble  10 year manufacturers guarantee  giving you complete peace of mind. The BBQ Cabins make a great communal space or VIP hire for campsites, giving guests a unique experience all year round.

For those on a larger budget:

Create an elegant pathway to your retreat. This means their needs to be a reasonable amount of distance between the car parks and the accommodation - with cars are out of sight and mind, it will add an element of surprise on arriving at their home away from home.
Why not add a Hydropool Midlands Hot Tub or Swim Spa from our sister company?
Hydropool Midlands provide the best hot tubs in the UK. With our self cleaning units, you can enjoy the relaxing benefits of a hot tub without the hassle of daily cleaning and maintenance. Dip your toes into our extensive range of hot tubs to discover the perfect relaxation solution for your home or garden. You could even improve your circulation, state of mind, and overall muscle health, in a hot tub that is designed alongside physiotherapy and sports professionals to provide you with optimal at-home wellness.

Our hot tubs are also designed to be highly energy efficient to avoid worrying about running costs, so you can enjoy a self-cleaning hot tub that relaxes your body and your mind.

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Glamping and Ecotourism: The Perfect Combination.

Posted by Gemma Long on May 19, 2023 4:15:00 PM

As we push the global pandemic to the back of our minds and are catapulted into the new 'normal', there is one constant that has managed to go from strength to strength - the tourism sector. However, within this ever-evolving sector is a new type of consumer; the sustainable traveller who has ethics at the forefront of their travel choices. So much so, in fact, that a whopping 69% of tourists plan to travel sustainably throughout this year. 

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Transform Your Glamp Site Into The Perfect Wedding Destination!

Posted by Gemma Long on May 17, 2023 9:33:00 AM

Opting for a ‘destination wedding’ is sure to send a shiver down the spine of a fair few potential guests. All anyone will be thinking about is the exponential costs; flights, hotel, outfits, time off work, childcare...the list is endless. This puts them in a difficult position where they end up having to decide between being with their friends/family on the happiest day of their lives or choosing to save a large sum of money for any number of bills to pay off. 

This gives your glamp site the perfect opportunity to explore a highly desirable USP; being able to deliver a festival or destination wedding experience making you an attractive option for modern couples. Your bride and groom can have their dream destination wedding by embracing all the beauty that the UK has to offer - without committing the nearest and dearest to any major expenses as well as being authentic and on-trend.

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How Does Planning Permission Work For Glamp Sites in 2023?

Posted by Gemma Long on May 13, 2023 9:00:00 AM

Obtaining planning permission for a glamping business is no mean feat, especially when you're starting from scratch and diving into the world of self-employment. In fact, most glamp site business owners say that this is the most time-consuming and difficult part of the process and can take years to pass the full application. These horror stories are very much dependent on your local area and, with no complications, they are usually finalised within a matter of months. Having been able to play a huge part in over 20 glamp sites across the UK, Camping Cabins has collated a few principles you can adhere to in order to increase your chances of achieving a positive outcome and kick-start making your glamping dreams into a reality...


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How To Create The Perfect Family Getaway

Posted by Gemma Long on Apr 20, 2023 9:17:46 AM

Today's fast pace of life means that it can be more than difficult for families to spend much-needed quality time together; they rely on holidays abroad to create some exciting family memories - but with the ever-rising cost of living meaning that foreign holidays are seeing a huge dip in interest, a stay-cation is the next best thing. With the help of Camping Cabins Timber Buildings and Studio Lodges, you can ensure your glamp site is a glowing beacon for families to share an experience together with an extra special feeling. Being immersed in the outdoors, with fresh air and activities on your doorstep, allows for both kids and parents to re-connect with nature. Additionally, having the comfort and luxury of their own, unique space that they can relax in after a long day means glamping is the perfect family gathering!

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Topics: Camping Cabins, Glamping, Timber Buildings, Glamping Cabins, Log Cabins, stay-cation, family getaway

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