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Planning Permission For A New Campsite - What Is Involved?

Posted by Anne-Marie Adams on Nov 9, 2022 1:22:00 PM

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Obtaining planning permission for new campsites can be a time-consuming job. There are lots of things to consider. At Camping Cabins, we have a wealth of knowledge on how to set up a new campsite and are ready to help.

Planning Permission

Before you go down the route of applying for planning permission, we recommend that you first approach an experienced Architect who will be able to advise you about planning permission and the best way to approach your campsite plan.

With the help of an Architect you will hopefully never have to speak to your local authority yourself. However, many people start by contacting their local authority to use their pre-application service. Generally, there is a small charge for this to cover the planning officers’ time and the report they provide you with.

It’s important to note that this service is just advisory, it is not a planning decision. You also need to have obtained planning permission BEFORE you apply for a campsite license. By using an experienced Architect you should find the process simplified.

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Campsite License

Your local authority will again be able to help you obtain a campsite license. A license is required for your campsite if there will be tented camping on offer or if the land will be used by caravans with people staying in them. There can be various conditions attached to a license, such as recreational space available, number of toilets, fire safety etc. These conditions will depend on the local authority that issues the campsite license and the type of campsite you will have.

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Some organisations such as the Scouts can be exempt from needing a campsite license. You may also be exempt if you are running a campsite for seasonal workers such as fruit pickers or forestry workers.

You will need to contact your local council to obtain the application form and to understand what you need to submit. If you do not hear back within one month, your application for a campsite license is automatically considered to be approved.

At Camping Cabins, we’re here to help you create your new campsite. We can help you design the site to the best specifications to meet the requirements of planning permission. We will also work with you to match the conditions you need in order to obtain a campsite license. Give us a call today to further discuss how we can help you.

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