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Glamping and Ecotourism: The Perfect Combination.

Posted by Gemma Long on May 19, 2023 4:15:00 PM

As we push the global pandemic to the back of our minds and are catapulted into the new 'normal', there is one constant that has managed to go from strength to strength - the tourism sector. However, within this ever-evolving sector is a new type of consumer; the sustainable traveller who has ethics at the forefront of their travel choices. So much so, in fact, that a whopping 69% of tourists plan to travel sustainably throughout this year. 

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This progressive mindset seems to be triggered by socio-economic factors such as climate change, cultural appreciation and generally more love for the planet, and each other. It comes in the form of reducing your carbon footprint or preserving the culture of a local community. Sustainability is a must for our society and will continue to impact the holiday let industry for years to come.DESREF60 - Camping Cabins Buttons-01


What Does Ecotourism Mean?

The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) defines sustainable tourism as “tourism that takes full account of its current and future economic, social and environmental impacts, addressing the needs of visitors, the industry, the environment, and host communities”

The responsible travel described, or ecotourism, has become increasingly popular during and post pandemic, with reports showing that 81% of travellers worldwide believe that sustainable travel is important.

For glamping business owners searching to connect with traveller values and engage directly with this sector – adopting sustainable habits is a pivotal step. 

Glamping business owners across the globe can take this knowledge on board in order to boost their holiday let business. This is because, as well as taking care of your surrounding environment, economy, and society, sustainable actions also hugely improve your profitability by addressing an growing group of conscious global travellers.  

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1. Guests require transparency on sustainable travel.

Recent statistics propose that a massive 61% of travellers are interested in learning more about ecotourism, however only 46% are actually aware of how to arrange sustainable trips. This is your time to shine! You can help out by making it clear how you have taken the appropriate steps to ensure your Glamp site is eco-friendly - you’re helping guests to make informed decisions about their travel.

A few things that you can take into account when marketing your sustainable Glamp site is showing off just how groovy it is to be green! Such as:

  • Make eco-friendly changes such as using energy-efficient appliances or solar panels.
  • Invest in smart home technology to reduce energy waste.
  • Make recycling options clear.
  • Provide bicycles and other sustainable transportation options.

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2. Guests are continuing to seek eco-friendly accommodation.

A recent survey of travellers' plans for 2023 showed that 78% planned to stay in eco-friendly accommodation this year

Additionally, recent studies recommend that pro-sustainable tourists are happy to pay extra for green stays. This hugely increases the potential for added revenue at a sustainable glamp site, as well as offers an opportunity to offset any costs associated with switching to more green practices. 

Communicating what steps have been made to make a property eco-friendly will help your vacation rental business stand out from competitors and increase bookings. Whether that be on your website or in listing descriptions, be sure to clearly highlight what efforts have gone into this sustainable experience.

Our Camping Cabins and Studio Lodges are sourced from FSC or PEFC certified suppliers. The FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) is a global organisation with the aim of ensuring the chain of custody of all timber products and that the sourcing forests are properly managed to ensure sustainability. This means that more trees are planted than those that are used. It also ensures fairness for the indigenous populations where these forests are located. This provides a level of transparency and traceability to guarantee compliance with demands for ethically sourced timber products.

Kirnan Beg Kirnan Lodge Kilmichael Glassary, Lochgilphead PA31 8RE Luxury Cabin in Scotland for Staycation

3. Here’s what they expect from you:

One of Booking.com's most recent travel reports on sustainability, outlines the fact that travellers require  more from accommodation providers and holiday let owners than ever before: 

    • 35% believe that air conditioners and heaters should be controlled by key cards or energy-saving controls.
    • 32% think that accommodation providers should offer information on local ecosystems, heritage, culture, and visitor etiquette.
    • 27% want to be able to opt out of daily room cleaning to reduce water usage.
    • 27% would only like to use reusable plates and cutlery for meals and room service.

It's easy for Glamp site owners to apply some of these eco-friendly adaptations immediately - especially where you are cutting out single-use products. However, some of these requirements will need more time, effort and (of course) money. If you want to achieve the best results, then that is going to require a long-term sustainability plan in order for you to outline a goal to work towards over the next 12 months or so. This can then be implemented into your marketing strategy and provide an added transparency for your guests; creating a stronger consumer relationship and loyalty! But, for the mean while, work on those changes that are most feasible and easy to introduce straightaway. 

Kirnan Lodge Luxury Glamping Bedroom Scotland

4. Guests want to go off peak and off track.

Just under half of tourists are now prepared to travel exclusively outside of peak season, and 64% are more likely to consider less-popular destinations to reduce overcrowding and detrimental environmental impact. This implies a step back from busy resort holidays, and a desire for quieter, more authentic experiences, in balance with sustainable practices. That's where you come in! Guests can find it particularly difficult to find those uncrowded destinations, especially ones that offer sustainable options; your Glamp site has the opportunity to highlight and promote it's eco-friendly accommodation and the many reasons why it is worth to visit outside of standard seasons. 

Why not check out some of our previous client projects for inspiration on just how green your Glamp site can go? 

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5. Ensure your Guests can embrace the local culture. 

Nearly all of travellers, 80% to be exact, are searching to avoid mass tourism and the environmental consequences that come with it; they are expressing a desire to learn about the local culture when vacationing and 76% would like to feel that they’re reconnecting with nature. 

Glamp site and Holiday Let owners could entice this growing profile of guests by offering them the option to:

  • Book a local area guide with insider tips and recommendations for authentic restaurants, hidden gems, cultural tours, and events.
  • Sign up for a variety of activities such as bike tours, hiking groups and open water swimming, etc. by partnering with local tour operators and providers.
  • Follow routes and maps for approved nature trails that guests can use to explore the area on their own. 

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6. Fall In Love With Shopping Locally.

Whilst on their holibobs, your guests will make a point of shopping at small businesses to support the local economy. You can further encourage this trend, by purchasing toiletries, kitchen essentials, bedding, and furniture from independent, local businesses instead of ordering online or opting for mass-producing chains. You can even drive extra revenue by upselling services and experiences like group yoga sessions, spa experiences, or farm stays. All you need is a partnership with a local company to positively impact the economy and earn more money!


Why Camping Cabins? 

Camping CabinsTM are timber building manufacturers based in Derbyshire, UK. Along with our sister companies – Arctic Cabins, Cabins for Schools and Cabin Master, we have been providing families, schools and businesses with high quality timber buildings that are hand built since 2002. Our campsite buildings come in a variety of shapes and sizes to attract couples, families and large groups to your campsite. Our range of buildings will help you stand out within the Glamping Industry! Whether you want to offer a quirky, unique experience in Scandinavian inspired Cabin, an upgraded glamping experience or in our  luxury home from home Annex style lodge – we’ve got a building for your business needs.

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