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How Landscaping Can Lead Your Glamp Site To Success...

Posted by Gemma Long on May 25, 2023 6:37:00 PM

The surroundings of your glamping site are vital in creating the perfect client experience which means that landscape design will have a huge impact on your business. Your guests are using your site as an escape to the countryside and nature - meaning landscape design presents you with an opportunity to emphasise the natural environment around them!

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In an ideal world, the natural landscape and setting would be more than enough and remain untouched, on account of us attempting to move away from man-made and manicured surroundings. Unfortunately, these spots are few and far between and can be very difficult to try and get planning permission approved on them. If the area around your glamping site is a little meagre, bland or an eyesore, this is where landscape design can be invaluable.

It is crucial to give your guests as much privacy as possible, and using organic barriers and plant designs is a great way to do this. It is worth implementing these methods in any car parks as well as on the main site for the same reasons.

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When applying for planning permission, the design and layout of your glamping site can be a relevant tool when negotiating the visual impact of a build, especially in the more protected nature areas.

After you have chosen a spot on your land, then you can begin to plan the framework for the layout of the site. Make sure you take into consideration the direction of the prevailing wind, especially if you are hoping to create an exposed area or using canvas structures. Hedges or trees are perfect natural wind barriers so ensure you use them to your advantage, otherwise you will need to think about creating one yourself.

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If your site is on a hillside and the ground is unsuitable to set up on, then you will need think about creating a level platform to build upon. Before tasking yourself with excavation and filling holes, you must remember that the ideal look and setting is a natural one, therefore it is favoured to work with the natural lines and contours of the ground. When you start cutting in and creating the area, do not make straight lines and square corners, instead try to reflect what is already around you. If you are experimenting with ground works then drainage and water run-off are also important elements to think about! When it comes to location, think about what you can see from each different part of where the accommodation is going to be. Ideally, each accommodation unit will be spaced as far apart as possible, however, if this is not feasible, then landscaping can give the illusion of greater privacy.


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For those on a small - medium sized budget:

If you are limited in terms of space, then the next best way to provide privacy is by planting woody shrubs and trees. Additionally, you could use earth barriers to help you on your landscape quest. You can add in serene touches such as wild flowers and other native plants to make things that bit more exotic!
Furthermore, you could create an alternative space opposite to your accommodation for a fire pit and outdoor cooking space. For example, what about one of our sloping walled BBQ Cabins? The original Scandinavian inspired barbecue cabin, brought to the UK over 20 years ago by our sister company - Arctic CabinsEvery single one of our barbecue cabins are manufactured by hand, using traditional methods and top grade timber in the UK. The quality of our buildings is unequalled anywhere else, we are so confident of this we offer a no quibble 10 year manufacturers guarantee giving you complete peace of mind. The BBQ Cabins make a great communal space or VIP hire for campsites, giving guests a unique experience all year round.

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For those on a larger budget:

Create an elegant pathway to your retreat. This means their needs to be a reasonable amount of distance between the car parks and the accommodation - with cars are out of sight and mind, it will add an element of surprise on arriving at their home away from home.
Why not add a Hydropool Midlands Hot Tub or Swim Spa from our sister company?
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Why Camping Cabins? 

Camping CabinsTM are timber building manufacturers based in Derbyshire, UK. Along with our sister companies – Arctic Cabins, Cabins for Schools and Cabin Master, we have been providing families, schools and businesses with high quality timber buildings that are hand built since 2002. Our campsite buildings come in a variety of shapes and sizes to attract couples, families and large groups to your campsite. Our range of buildings will help you stand out within the Glamping Industry! Whether you want to offer a quirky, unique experience in Scandinavian inspired Cabin, an upgraded glamping experience or in our  luxury home from home Annex style lodge – we’ve got a building for your business needs.

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