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Here's Why Now Is The Right Time To Set Up A UK Glamp Site...

Posted by Gemma Long on May 5, 2023 9:21:00 AM

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Glamping is the word on everyone's lips it seems and with good reason. This 'trend' has won the hearts of holidaymakers across the UK - and statistics have shown that bookings for shepherd’s huts, yurts, lodges and cabins are up 46% compared to 2021 and 94% compared to 2019. Many land owners, and those looking to begin their holiday accommodation journey, are considering diving in headfirst to the glamping business - but why now? 

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Cutting the cost...

It's no secret that the cost-of-living crisis has caught up with all of us across the UK; us Brits are more budget conscious than ever. This economic crisis means guests are now looking for more realistic and affordable ways of holidaying, and glamping is their favourite port of call.

A huge advantage to glamping business owners is the fact that these structures have a lower start-up cost compared to traditional holiday lets. Camping Cabins log cabins and studio lodges are relatively affordable to buy and we take care of everything else - design, manufacture and installation. Additionally, maintenance costs can be far lower and cheaper to run (especially when you go fully self-sufficient like so many of our previous owners have), thereby creating a more cost-effective way for holiday let owners to provide accommodation.

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Keeping Things Sustainable...

The spike seen in the popularity of glamping staycations could also be down to the slow but steady growth of sustainable travel and the environmental impact of a holiday.

Research has found that 1 in five Brits are more likely to consider a UK break due to its impact on mother nature and environmental concerns. This means that more people are looking for greener accommodation - and a Glamp site with Camping Cabins timber buildings can offer guests many environmentally friendly and sustainable features. We often see glamping accommodation types made from natural and sustainable materials.

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A New Age Means A New Consumer...

These past few years have changed a lot of things in a lot of different ways and the tourism industry is not escaping that; COVID19 turned the travel sector upside down, inside out, and upside down again. However, as we continue to settle back into normality, it is not only tourism itself that has changed - it is also the traveller! 

Alongside the 'traditionalist' consumer that we have been catering to since time began - new customers are emerging with new and exciting wants and needs. These travellers tend to purchase travel with a conscience; looking beyond “what everyone else is doing” and choosing experience over location. They are on the hunt for authenticity and take satisfaction from doing the right thing for humanity and nature.

'Influencers' are all anyone talks about nowadays - and for a reason. They're opinion seems to be a make or break point for most businesses and this still applies for the Glamping sector. Social Media is not going away anytime soon which means your Glamp site needs to be “Instagram able” and it’s no longer about the location, but the experience. Glamping is a fantastic way of bringing more than just a camping trip, but an added luxury and uniqueness that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Moving away from the social-media-millennials, your new customers may also be modern families; these type of guests would usually take their children on a holiday abroad to teach them about other cultures, nature, and local products /cuisine. Your Glamp site may be the first time they have travelled in and around the UK - so it needs to offer a basis for these families to connect their children with an outdoor experience – something that they can learn from, and create everlasting memories! 


The impact of COVID19, Cost of Living crisis and growing concerns over our carbon footprint means the tourism industry in the UK has become competitive. Standing out in this environment means being heavily dependent on re-marketing; aiming your product at a more domestic demographic. These types of consumers are looking for unique & nature-based experiences in their local areas, without having to give up any comfort and luxury of going abroad. Your advantage is the fact that, although Glamping options are vast, only a few have actually adapted to this new age consumer market. Camping Cabins can help you break out onto the stay-cation scene and gain a healthy ROI within your first 12 months.


Why Camping Cabins? 

Camping CabinsTM are timber building manufacturers based in Derbyshire, UK. Along with our sister companies – Arctic Cabins, Cabins for Schools and Cabin Master, we have been providing families, schools and businesses with high quality timber buildings that are hand built since 2002. Our campsite buildings come in a variety of shapes and sizes to attract couples, families and large groups to your campsite. Our range of buildings will help you stand out within the Glamping Industry! Whether you want to offer a quirky, unique experience in Scandinavian inspired Cabin, an upgraded glamping experience or in our  luxury home from home Annex style lodge – we’ve got a building for your business needs.

The Do's And Don'ts Of Setting Up A Campsite - Long CTA

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