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Relight My Fire! Spark New Passions For Your Glamp-Site

Posted by Anne-Marie Adams on Nov 4, 2022 11:30:27 AM

Glamping Cabins

A 5-star TripAdvisor review, a return booking before your guest has even left your site, a glowing comment in your visitor book … for a campsite owner - manna from heaven. You have poured your heart and soul into the oasis of calm that you have created and it’s glorious when a guest loves it as much as you do - it’s why you take painstaking care to ensure that everything is perfect, that nothing is left to chance and that your visitors create memories that will last a lifetime.

Timber Huts Camping

Glamping Innovation

Innovation in the glamping sector is at an all-time high, owners are creatively designing spaces where their guests can relax, recharge and rejoice in each other’s company enjoying some quality time together. 

Talking with Camping Cabins customers across the UK, I hear about inspired additions to sites, imaginative embellishments that create a USP, and the massive talkability and social media visibility that it generates.

Camping Cabins create quality, attractive timber cabins that can serve a wide range of campsite purposes, and while we’re happy to supply twenty cabins to help you repurpose those acres of farmland and create a whole new campsite, we’re equally here to provide that single cabin to help you add a little extra magic to your already enchanting existing site.

Glamping Pods

Camping Cabins buildings are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, to help attract everyone from couples seeking a romantic getaway to families looking to create memories together and even larger groups looking for the perfect escape to your campsite. From a quirky, unique experience in a Scandinavian-inspired Cabin to an upgraded glamping experience in a luxury studio lodge, at Camping Cabins, we have a building for your unique business needs to help you stand out in the increasingly competitive Glamping industry!

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So, what if you’ve already got your accommodation sorted but still want to add that touch of wonder that raises your site above the crowds? Actually, we hear this a lot. Operators who, having already invested in lodgings, are looking for something magical to add to their beautiful chalets, yurts, bell tents or static caravans (or whatever that accommodation happens to be). 

Camping Cabins can help. Even better, that added magical extra can create a whole new stream of revenue!

BBQ Huts


Camping Cabins BBQ Huts

BBQ Cabins are the perfect glamp-site addition for your guests to hire, for the night, and to enjoy. 

Imagine a cosy, romantic night for two around the fire, your guests sharing a night they wish could last forever, as the barbecue coals burn into glowing embers. Or picture the family or group heartily laughing as they flame grill their meal, conversation and wine flowing in equal measure. These are memories that will live long - and the perfect setting for selfies that will get likes and shares far and wide on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter – just make sure they tag your site in!   

So, whether you want to offer that more cosy setting for a night by the fire or a space that invites your guests to get the party started, our range of cabin sizes means there is something for everyone!

And they can pay for themselves! BBQ Cabins can generate extra revenue too. Studio Lodge Glamping Site

Case Study: Humble Bee Farm Scarborough, North Yorkshire

CABIN: 10m² BBQ Cabin

Humble Bee Farm is a peaceful working farm near Scarborough, in North Yorkshire, offering luxury holiday cottages, Wigwam® cabins, bell tents, nomadic yurts and glamping pods with stunning surroundings, fabulous sunsets, cosy campfires and a truly rural camping experience.

For 2021, Humble Bee Farm was looking to expand their offering, to give their guests a memorable experience and generate extra revenue.

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For between £75-£100 for one evening, guests can enjoy time by the fire in a BBQ hut located in a peaceful part of their campsite. 

As a wonderful bonus, guests can also buy locally sourced BBQ packs, meaning the local economy wins too.

Humblebee Farm felt a 10m² BBQ Cabin would be perfect for the spot they had in mind. The 10m² cabin comfortably seats up to 15 people around the fire. It is the perfect space for couples, families or large groups to hire. And, with the sloping wall design of our BBQ huts, guests will be comfortable all night long!

Grill Huts Glamping

Why Camping Cabins BBQ Huts?

Camping Cabins BBQ huts are based on the Finnish Grillkota (BBQ huts) which are among the 

favourite childhood memories of co-founder Virpi Marjaana Kokko. 

Virpi grew up in Finnish Lapland, along with her grandmother's herd of 50 reindeer (which all had names and would come for their food when called!). 

Writing for our sister company Arctic Cabins, Virpi said, “With twenty-four hours of daylight in the summer, we would stay up late to enjoy the light, and in long dark winters socialising somewhere cosy and warm was a must!”

BBQ Lodges

“When I was a child, my family and I would venture into the forest and always, somewhere in a clearing, there would be a BBQ hut, just sat there, free for anyone to use. You haven't lived until you've eaten Grillimakkara (barbecued sausages) in a forest. Even when temperatures fall to -20° or -30° with deep snow on the ground, the huts kept the cold out and the warmth in.”

“Many of them have stood for over a hundred years, some maybe a hundred and fifty, and local elders would point to tall trees in the forest that was younger. The tradition of these Finnish huts goes back even further than that though. They have their origin in Arctic Lapland where nomadic herdsmen would have lived in them and, way back, covered them in reindeer hides for shelter from the elements. You can't get more traditional Finnish than a Grillkota BBQ hut!”

Camping Cabins

“I remember taking my English husband, Gareth, to see my beloved home country back in the 1990s and loving the look on his face as he took in the simple wonder of the random selection of huts, their longevity (in spite of some of the harshest conditions) and the fact that everyone in Finland just seemed to know they were there - almost as if knowing of their presence was part of our shared DNA!”

“My mother made a suggestion to Gareth that he should introduce BBQ huts to the UK. Of course! This is absolutely what people need in the UK! The unreliable British weather, the love of barbequing and the desire for families to spend more quality time together. After seeing the communal BBQ huts in the deepest depths of woodland wilderness … Gareth knew the idea was perfect.”

And now you can bring this Finnish Lapland wilderness experience to your site thanks to Camping Cabins.

Our buildings stand out from the crowd in terms of looks and build quality, and your BBQ Cabin will soon become the heart and soul of your campsite. Whatever the weather, your guests will love cooking together, socialising, and creating memorable moments.

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Glamping Pods

UK Manufactured 

All Camping Cabins buildings are manufactured by us, here in the UK and can be installed in one day, meaning it’s quickly up and running for your guests to enjoy. 

We use FSC-produced Western Red Cedar, or slow-grown PEFC/ FSC Scandinavian Redwood exterior cladding over BBA-certified breathable membrane to ensure our buildings meet strict quality control standards

Our trademarked sloping wall design (for extra space and comfort), high quality, adjustable central BBQ, fully opening, double-glazed windows and the confidence to offer a 10-year comprehensive manufacturer's guarantee are among the “extras that come as standard” that set Camping Cabins above the rest.Glamping Lodges

Open-Air Show Site

There are many applications for a Camping Cabins building, from BBQs to a place for your guests to relax in a Hydropool Hot Tub, or exercise in a Swim Spa

Whether you're looking for some extra accommodation to expand your existing site, starting from the ground up, or looking for the BBQ Cabin that will deliver that special magical touch, we have a range of glamping cabins, bespoke studio lodges and BBQ Cabins to meet your needs.

Visit our large open-air show site, situated on the A52 between Nottingham and Derby, just off junction 25 on the M1. With over 25 dressed buildings on display, you'll be spoilt for choice.

Chat with our team today, call us on 0800 0448 418.

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