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5 Reasons to choose Gender Neutral Toilet Cubicles

Posted by Anne-Marie Adams on Jun 1, 2019 8:45:00 AM



2:1 Ratio - Female to Male toilets

A recent study suggests that the UK does not have enough public toilets. Public Health Experts recommend having 2 female toilets for every male toilet in order to reduce queuing. 

Do gender specific toilet facilities work in the modern day for campsites and the leisure industry? We don't think so and here's why.

Gender Neutral Bathrooms reduce queuing

Traditional campsite washroom design results in long queues for women who tend to use the bathroom more frequently than males because, on the whole, women have smaller bladders and need to spend time on feminine hygiene during their menstrual cycle.

Women also take longer to use the bathroom, not only because they urinate in a seated position, but also because women’s clothing (tights, skirts etc.) is generally more restrictive.

The problem is that even though women use the bathroom more frequently and take a longer time to do so, male and female bathrooms have always tended to be the same size. This results in long, uncomfortable queues for the ladies’ room on your campsite - which is not a good experience for guests.

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Gender Neutral Bathrooms are Inclusive 

Gender neutral washrooms are also far more inclusive for transgender people. Deciding which bathroom to use is a common problem for people who identify as transgender. It’s a sad fact that transgender people can also face taunting, threats, and even violence for using the ‘wrong’ bathroom. If unisex bathrooms were to become the norm, this would no longer be a problem.

Unisex Washrooms are Family Friendly

Another benefit of unisex bathrooms for campsite is that they make it far easier for parents to accompany children of the opposite sex to the bathroom. Most men would feel uncomfortable entering a women’s bathroom, and vice-versa; the only alternative is to let children use the facilities unattended which is not always practical with small children.

Gender Neutral Cubicles are more Cost-Effective

A campsite with a block of self contained washroom cubicles that are gender neutral will be easier to clean and will save money. By having a single bathroom for all users, you’ll save your business valuable square footage, which can be put to use for more commercial purposes. You’ll also need to purchase and install fewer fixtures overall, which in turn in will reduce the amount of money and time you spend on maintenance and cleaning. Also, in respect of cleaning - By closing one cubicle at a time to clean allows guests to continue to use the rest of the facilities without causing disruption to any particular gender group


Unisex Washrooms offer seasonal flexibility 


A campsite or leisure venue with unisex washrooms will benefit from flexibility across the year. During off peak season it is cost saving to close a few of the cubicles in order to minimise the need for cleaning. Gender neutral washrooms also prove invaluable for campsites that are used by scout groups, hen or stag parties as it allows visitors to use any of the facilities - unlike gender specific washrooms that can be inefficient by comparison.

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